Bike Repair Classes

This winter, we're offering our bike repair classes to the masses!
Classes meet at the shop on Saturday nights at 5PM, and go until roughly 8PM - or later, if need be.
These are informal, fun, workshop style classes, and each night targets a different aspect of bicycle repair.
Come for all eight weeks, or just on the nights that are relevant to your interests.
The schedule breaks down like this:

Safety Inspection/Bike Evaluation

-Identifying problems and checking for safety issues
-This is where it all starts

Basic Bike Fitting

- Bad Fit = Bad Ride
- This class will cover a basic fit for a typical rider. Every rider is different, but this gives a good starting position on the bike that can be further refined for individual differences and fitting needs. Some refinements will also be covered.

Drivetrain Cleaning/Cables

- A clean and lubricated drivetrain will perform better and last longer than a neglected one
-This class will cover different ways to clean a drivetrain without damaging bearing surfaces.
-This class will also cover cables and housing - how to clean and lubricate, and determine proper routing.


- This class will cover different types of bearing systems and how to properly adjust hub, headset, bottom-bracket, and frame bearings

2/6 and 2/13
No Class

-Go do something rad.


-This class will BRIEFLY cover spoked wheel theory, but will focus on how to use spoke tension to accurately adjust wheels for true, dish, and roundness.


- Different braking systems will be covered, as well as proper adjustment of each.
-Many braking systems can be set up for a particular "feel," and this class will show how to adjust for that.


-This class will attempt to de-mystify derailleurs
-In addition to proper adjustment, we will cover compatibility of chains/derailleurs/shifters/etc.

Flat Fixes and Emergency Repairs

-This is the best class ever.
-Even a perfectly adjusted and maintained bike can become disabled on a ride. Learn what to always bring with you, and some tricks to help get you home

Make-Up Session/
Special Interest

-Provided that there have been no cancellations thus far, this class will be for special interest areas, such as suspension, internal gearing, specialty wheel-building, etc.

Each class costs $10, but for those who want to attend all of them, the full course costs $60!

Those attending four or more sessions will receive a free Derailed T-shirt to commemorate their participation,
and will also be entitled to a 15% discount on all tools and maintenance products related to the course!

Bring your bike, and dress to get dirty!