TerraTrike Tour II
"Infinity X 2"

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To make life easy for a customer who wanted a full range of gearing, but didn't want "gears"
on her TerraTrike Tour II platform, we set her up with a NuVinci N360 hub on the rear wheel.
The N360 has an infinite number of possible gear ratios, controlled by a twist shifter.
Essentially, the rider twists the shifter until the pedaling becomes comfortable.
So what's bigger than infinity? Infinity times two!
Up front, we installed an internally geared Patterson crankset to give her a separate set of infinite gearing.
This trike has a HUGE range of gearing, there are no derailleurs to fuss with, and the chainline never changes.
This gearing, coupled with the fantastic Tour II platform is an ideal setup for a low-maintenance,
comfortable, and super-capable trike.
"To infinity...and beyond!"