The 603
Schwinn Cruiser Restoration

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Somewhere between 1974 and 2014, this blue Schwinn Cruiser fell victim to a vicious spray-paint attack.
In addition, with its potato-chip style rear wheel, it was going nowhere in a hurry.
Fortunately, the owner wanted to get it not only riding again, but riding in style.

We told him that he essentially had a blank slate to work with, and he came back with a New Hampshire theme.
After hand-picking the green paint, he decided to get the state's motto - the best motto of all 50 states - on the top tube.
For the finishing touch, we made a custom head-tube badge with the profile of the Old Man of the Mountain.

This project was a lot of fun because there was all sorts of room for creativity.
We wanted to make a bike that was eye-catching without being gaudy. We didn't want it to beg for attention - just receive it.
The customer had a very open mind and brought some great ideas to the table - most of which ended up in the final product.

Our main goal was to make a bike that represents the Granite State.
New Hampshire isn't flashy. It isn't glamourous, and it isn't ritzy.
New Hampshire is beautiful.
So is this bike.
Live Free or Die!